Abrasive Blasting

We offer both mobile and workshop abrasive blasting services using a variety of blast mediums to suit your needs.  Depending on the environmental requirements, AAB are able to do full encapsulation of any structure that may need to have all paint and blast medium contained and removed from site.


High Pressure Water Jetting

High and Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting is often used within sensitive environmental areas, or when introduction of an abrasive product is not desired.  Advanced Aqua Blasting utilise mobile units for on-site projects.


Painting Protective Coatings

Advanced Aqua Blasting use a wide range of paint manufacturer brands including International Paints, Dulux, Wattyl and Jotun.  Paint Protective Coatings provide a chemical protection against many forms of deterioration and aging of paints.



Denso Protective Coatings

Advanced Aqua Blasting use and recommend Denso Protective Coatings, and are approved applicators of a variety of their products.  Contact us to discuss your job and the best Denso product to provide the protection you require.


Workshop Facilities

Our workshop is fully equipped to provide a wide range of blasting, protective coatings and painting services, for jobs large or small.  Pop in to our Challands Street facility to discuss your project.


Marine Guard Systems

The marine environment is one of the harshest known.  Our team is skilled in a variety of protection mechanisms, utilising chemical and mechanical barriers.